GM Nonong Viñas Passes Away

In loving memory of GM Nonong

Passed 11/10/2017 6:50pm Bacolod Negros Occidental, Philippines

In loving memory of GM Nonong, I am very humbled and proud to say I knew him, loved him, and experienced his passion. I will miss him terribly; I will miss his smile, his passion, his love, his devotion, his determination, and his energy. I will miss our conversations about our loves, life, his family, and Arnis. I have no true words to express the importance of him in my life. But I can say; I am so very grateful for him and all of the energy and patience he put into me and gave. He was more than my teacher he was my family. Through him I have become a better person, and through his family and his family’s art I will be reminded of him daily and for the rest of my life. I will enable his family’s legacy to live far into the future.

Love and Respect to GM Wilson “Nonong” Viñas and his father GM Jose Viñas, may they both rest in piece.