Viñas Arnis Participates in Socal Sword Fight 2018

Viñas Arnis Invited

Viñas Arnis was invited to teach at the Socal Sword Fight Event in 2018 (Feb 16th to Feb 18th). I would like to thank South Coast Swords for inviting me out and enabling me to participate in the HEMA community, thank you Jonathon. As a FMA practitioner I appreciate the HEMA community, their purpose, and what they have accomplished. I have met and work to sustain a health and productive relationship with individuals in this community.  As a part of this interest I believe it is very important for any martial artist to make an effort to explorer and enjoy other like martial arts. Having an open mind, accepting, and listening has provided many opportunities to network and be a part of the HEMA community. I have found that there are many correlations between FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) and HEMA, and I appreciate the openness of the HEMA community to allow for the discovery of these similarities. I would encourage any individual associated with a blade oriented system to take the time and come out to a HEMA event and be a part of the community. The discussion of ideas between communities will enable growth on both sides.

Viñas Arnis Shared

Inheritor Russell

As a part of sharing I did my best to compare and contrast FMA topics to HEMA related martial arts.

Fighting without a crossguard – discussion, principles, and movements around fighting without a crossguard

Enganio – Engaño – tricks – fainting – Deception – discussion, principles, and movements around using deception

Introduction to Viñas Arnis – An introduction to Viñas Arnis with some loose comparisons to European martial arts

Sira – Closing – Entering – Moving from out of measure into measure and different options after entering

Event Photos

Russell teaching

SoCal Sword Fight 2018 Schedule

Sean – Randy – Kyle – Brit – Shane (Represent Mordhau in team fights)

Phil – Adam – John – Jim – Richard (Represent Phoenix Society in team fights)

If interested in learning more about HEMA in the Phoenix area please contact the Phoenix Society