Center Line Control Discussion

On July 16th 2016 a small discussion on controlling the center line took place at the Phoenix FMA monthly share. In addition, Guro Wesley Crisostomo of Pinakatay Arnis stopped in and we enjoyed a good discussion on our missions to propagate Filipino Martial Arts. Thank you Guro Wesley for a wonderful conversation.


MS Russell T Mackler discussed the basic importance of controlling the center line while a strike takes place.  The principle of controlling the center line was demonstrated against two different attacks. A number one strike which strikes from right to left attacking the opponents right shoulder or temple. The other strike was a number 1 straight down into your opponents head. Two concepts were discussed. Controlling your opponents center line while they attack and controlling your own center line.


Discussion on the strike, strike angle, center line, and body position.


Discussion on stepping and body alignment.


Discussion on controlling your opponents attack with an attack, stepping, and body alignment.