Blades by Marcial

These Blades were made by Marcial near Bacolod Negros Occidental. The Talibong was made in 2014 and the Sable was made recently (2016) for Master Bobot and given to Inheritor Russell as a gift, thank you very much Master Bobot! GM Steven Dowd of the  FMA Informative was very generous to carry this gift home to Inheritor Russell after his recent trip to the Philippines while interviewing FMA practitioners, thank you GM Steve! GM Steve also received an identical gift from Master Bobot.


GM Nonong; Marcial; Inheritor Russell 2014

Master Bobot indicated that the Sable was designed by a certain Gari’ from Maao for his grand uncle Guillermo Yasay. He indicated that there are only two original blades left, the other one belongs to the Gubaton clan who are the forerunners of “Oido de caburata(flail). He explained that the design is actually a mix of the talibong’s/ginunting’s body(slender) and the binangon’s tip.It lends itself well to thrusting which is one of the preferred techniques of the Sable’ style. The weight is almost similar to a typical Arnis sticks such that transitioning wont be very difficult.

The talibong was made heavier on purpose with both blades having a chisel edge which is known for being the sharpest. There is no concave on the reverse side to reduce drag.

Blades by Marcial PH

Sable Top; Talibong Bottom

The talibong’s puno was made specifically for counter balance.

Blades by Marcial PH2