Basic Cutting and Knife Controlling Entries Shown in Phoenix

On May 14th 2016 two basic disarm entries along with basic arm structure for cutting was shown at the Phoenix FMA monthly share, thank you Guro Mike Butz for organizing these for the past 4 years.

Images provided by: GM Steve Down of FMA Informative; Thank you Steve!

MS Russell T Mackler showed two Viñas Arnis entries to knife disarms and basic structure on cutting with a bolo. The two disarms entries shown were X-Block and Double Tap. A few various disarms and knife returns from these entries were also shown. Basic structure on cutting was shown with a Barong and a Dawson G3 Mongolian using pool noodles and a pool noodle cutting stand. Pool noodles are a great introduction to cutting as they require proper arm structure to cut without necessarily requiring the rest of the proper body mechanics needed for cutting heaver and thicker materials such as tatami mats.


Basic Entry Double Tap



Basic Entry X-Block

MS Russell T Mackler discussing shoulder, elbow, wrist, and knuckle alignment after showing an initial cut.


After the discussion another cut is shown as reference.


An example of another individual not cutting properly (below). Pool noodles are unforgiving if someone doesn’t perform proper arm mechanics for cutting.  As this image shows a pool noodle will bend over instead of getting cut in half. This is why working with pool noodles is a great way to start learning how to cut with proper arm mechanics.